Saturday, August 15, 2009

-uptodated muslim with Quran-

Al-Quran is the lifeblood of civilization and modern society.
Who ever say it only for conservative, for abid and the olders traditionally?
You are the cave-man in this rat-raced world.
Open up your eyes and minds.
You are left-behind.

Al-Furqan benefits us splendidly in science.
Without it,
No clock, no water-recycle system, none of the household stuffs that we take for granted.

Modern medicine would be a fantasy,
And due to the lack of sophisticated experimental equipment from Muslim scholars and especially the slow of dissemination of knowledge in Quran,
Science and technology would grow at glacial pace.

With the discovery and harnessing of Islamic practical knowledge,
We can view arrangements of atoms,
How a Japanese scientist was amazed and flabbergasted by the wonderful structure molecule in Zam-Zam water,
We send spacecrafts beyond the limits of solar system,
How Dr Sheikh Muzaffar heard azan a thousand billion miles from Earth and the view from ISS is breathtaking.

Both of them,
Knowledge and experience and Ilham.
Are guided by al-Quran.

All of this becomes possible in a blink eye as al-Quran is the main, prior reference and text book.

How do we put attention on doing tilawah, tadarrus, tadabbur ?
Compare with the attention that most of us we did,
Attention shifted to entertainment like friendster, facebook like sunflowers turning to the sun.

An inquisitive child who wants to watch TV9 for Mari Mengaji, tarannum is much much better.
Maybe they are annoying and exasperating because they fight and compete for their own satisfaction, crying and screaming, unrestrained, uncontrolled,
harder when their brothers and sisters control the remote for Ast*o Channel like Akademi Fantas*a, Jangan Lupa Liri* and CSI, whateva lahh.
They are fighting for their investment for a better tomorrow and goods in the day-after.
The sisters and brothers are mumaiyiz, mostly, pubescent maybe,
But the annoying does better for appreciating the Quran.

Getting older and have more sense of maturity does not mean al-Quran is something that not up-to-date,
Al-Quran is the one that can make you an ‘up-to-dated’ muslim.


  1. shame on me.thank you halini.u kinda wake me up.
    i still wonder why u dun have fs or fb?better dun have la. i keep wasting my time wif dat all stuff.
    haha.pubescent???why u didnt use akil baligh.hahaha.
    im good as im a 'building-man'. not a 'cave-man' then.

  2. aah la.akil baligh.lupa lah.tq. better u be a 'masjid-man' rather than a 'building-man'.
    i dun have fs n fb bcoz i dun have la.