Thursday, August 13, 2009

'a fight for terrorist'

It was senseless.
The only casualty was the death.

Sandwiched between blackened sand and sky,
Kids search for their ummi and abi in the burning fields,
“aina ummi? Aina abi? “
Older search for food and water,
Their desperate foraging reflects the plight of a region ravaged by war.
A war which ‘they’ claim as ‘a fight for terrorist.’

How much harm will be caused?

It’s catastrophe.
No question.

Juvenile fish and shrimp will die because of destruction of their nursery habitat,
The rest will be killed directly.
The fires, the smokes and the spills.

Do 'they' care?

As I learnt in organic chemistry,
The major worry that I would highlight here are :
= Toxic metals.
= combustion products
Amounts of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.
Its carcinogenic, means that it does have long-term effect.
People will become nauseated by these gases.
Kids couldn’t fight it.
For a period of time,
It does affect regional weather, uncertainty in our understanding of climate change.
Egg-laying season is approaching but no sign of flying birds.
Do ‘they’ care?
Do we care?

‘they’ do have a significant number for budget regarding environmental problem.
Wow!! Sounds great ryte??
‘they’ do love nature.
‘they’ are good in preserving the nature.
How caring ‘they’ are.
Again, the war is ‘a fight for terrorist’
Never mind, only small effect to environment. small??

hmm??? think better b4 you say something.

pendidikan Islam form 3,
we learnt about Sunnatullah.
think about it.
we are far away from Sunnatullah.

we should preserve, protect the environment,
destruction, war, pollution,anything that negative are lead towards "melanggar sunnatulah"

back to our al-Quran and as-Sunnah.

how our beloved Prophet guide us in war.
Rasulullah teach us how to love the nature.
see, how Syumul our religion!!
even in the war, we have our brilliant guidelines.


stop the flow at its source.

stop saying it is a fight for trrorist.

it's NOT

it's hypocrisy, selfishness

with their own law of the jungle


  1. wah, i like the way u convey yr msg personally. seemingly that medic-minded student become 'politically-sciences'-minded student.hehehe.jgn mare.any influence or what?
    i like "their own law of the jungle".they deserve it.hahahaha.

  2. smiling then.
    influence of reading la.
    its good then i have dat kind of mind right? i can see the world tru my invisible eye.still, im a hormone student.