Wednesday, June 3, 2009

it's all about 27

i almost finished did mine. i was in my last position,
and, with the blessing from ALLAH,
then, a muslimah; ukhti jayyidah came and my right shoulder felt a softly touch.


i know it was a SIGN.
i made a new Niat,
then, i finished mine, and she continued with hers.

why i didnt think bout that?
.1 and 27.

mathematically; rationally; practically; theoretically; islamically,
27 is more than 1.
and everyday, we perform 5 times,
27 * 5 = 135
1 * 5 = 5

imagine a day, we better want 135 rather than 5 ryte?
but how many people concern bout this? (im asking myself too)

im touched, i pleased, im ashamed too..really

i know beyond a shadow of a doubt,
ALLAH love me..ALLAH love us.
HE bless us and simply guide me n everybody too..

(( syukran jazilan kaseeran ya uhktiy jayyidah!!~~ ALLAH yubarik alaiha~~))

useless if myself and we are regretting the past, regretting how much i and we lost,
better late than never!! ( not late pun kot )
Ta'al ila as-solat al-jamaah
lets start!

im not goin to waste my breath to explain A B and C as you all people can, should and MUST think and do the 'muhasabah'.


p/s = i miss my student life at school, semayang jemaah..rly miss it
SMK Agama Pahang --surau Asy-Syafie--
SMK Seri Kuantan --surau SK--
SBPI Pekan--surau Asy-Syakirin--
MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, Jasin --surau Al-Ikhwan--

p/s = my beloved abah always advising me.."adik nak suami soleh, tgk cmane solat nyer, dan plg penting, tgk dia suke tak dgn solat jemaah, dan cmane hubungan dia dgn mak dan fmly nyer."
see, praying in jemaah is one of a criteria of good husband!!
a sign of one happy family with mawaddah wa rahmah : solat berjemaah dan makan berjemaah:



  1. hohoho..bgusnyer pengisian dikau...
    insaf pown ade..huk3..

  2. s gori dulu..kikiki..

  3. hihi..
    carikla suami yg suke solat jmaah..
    suke dnga ayat tuh..
    sokong ayat tuh..

  4. aq pun sokong kat sini jrg dpt rindu gk tym kat jasin.thanks r ingtkn aq nama surau jasin.dh lupa sbnrnya.insaf jap..